From an All-American Athlete Who was Born and Raised in Long Beach, Attended Public Schools, and Became a Successful Business Leader and Educator… Dr. Batts will hurdle any adversity to Champion Excellence for ALL students.

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Dr. Sharifa Batts

Greetings Friends and Supporters!

I am officially announcing my candidacy for the Long Beach Unified School District Board of Education Seat, Area 1. I have been involved in the district as a parent and volunteer as follows:

I want to ensure that the work of the district to promote equity and fairness continues for all students. The district’s recent adoption of an Equity policy is representative of my work and involvement in the district as PTA President and as a member of the Advanced Placement & Honors Committee. In keeping with that work, I plan to:

Keep schools open for in-person learning during COVID

Ensure the physical safety of all students

Champion sports, arts, music and afterschool programs

Protect academic programs to ensure they are robust and properly funded so that all students have opportunities including programs for students with disabilities or students in need of academic accommodations.

Continue to reduce fees for students taking Advanced Placement Exams

Expand on career education programs, mentorship, and internships for students who want to enter the workforce.

Advocate for academic programs that promote environmental stewardship

Expand on current programs and policies that address student and family homelessness.

Thank you for your support!

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